The words the financial industry uses aren’t always what clients and prospects expect to hear. Instead of talking about “volatility,” friends might talk to one another about “ups and downs in the market.” Rather than “financial freedom,” clients want to have “financial security,” according to our surveys.

Check with your compliance department about what phrases you can use in your conversations, but we offer this list as examples of what clients say are phrases that resonate with them.

  1. You deserve financial security and independence
  2. Efficient, effective, proven long-term solutions
  3. Effectively balancing risk and reward
  4. Helping you take advantage of opportunities
  5. A track record of success
  6. Asking the right questions…applying the right tools
  7. The right strategies at the right time
  8. Peace of mind in good markets and bad
  9. Prepared and protected for the future
  10. Our focus is your success…now and into the future
  11. Plan for tomorrow by investing today
  12. Retirement is a journey
  13. The stability and confidence you deserve
  14. Delivering meaningful, measurable results
  15. Personalized strategies, real solutions
  16. You worked hard for your money. It’s time for your money to work hard for you.

Head over to Transamerica’s Field Guide to Effective Client Communication page where you can gain a genuine understanding of what’s on clients’ minds. You can also learn proven, effective communications strategies to overcome client concerns and language to build trust and close the sale.